To order stuff from us, please send an email to with what you would like to buy. We will then get back to you as soon as possible with payment instructions and total cost if we have all in stock.

To cover transaction fees, VAT, shipping and handling we charge 100 SEK / $15 no matter how many you order or where you live in the world.

The amount of assembled Grimlight we have is a bit limited (about 300 left), after they run out it will probably be a while before more are manufactured.


There are two options of Grimlights available. The regular one which takes CR1216/CR1220 batteries. Regular Grimlight

And the version with an added battery holder for 3xAAA batteries (can be removed with a wire cutter to convert it to a regular Grimlight. Grimlight with large holder

A third option is the DIY version, you can buy just the circuit board and the battery holder from us (note: other parts needed to get a completed Grimlight not included) and solder it yourself. Part list and instructions can be found in the Guides section.

Pricing is as follows (price is for one (1) Grimlight):

Item Price
Regular Grimlight 65 SEK / $8
Grimlight with large holder 100 SEK / $12

DIY kit (battery holder + PCB): 100 SEK for 20 Grimlight PCBs and CR1216/CR1220 battery holders. NOTE: Only PCB and small battery holder, all other parts need to be sourced from for example Farnell or Mouser.

Other parts needed if going the “assemble it yourself way” costs about 18 SEK (about $2) for each Grimlight, depending on what LEDs you use and how large quantity of components you buy.