Battery test

During the last week there have been some testing of power consumption for the circuits. Voltage over the battery driving the circuit was recorded while one LED was constantly glowing and when in standby (different batteries).

Battery test

With one LED on the battery lasted about 14 hours before the voltage dropped so it was too low to drive the LED. In standby (battery in circuit but everything switched to low power mode, battery not physically disconnected as there is no switch) the voltage dropped about 0.01 V during the first 24 hours and then stabilized. Fitting a line to the drop during the last 100 hours measured indicates that it would take about 400 days to drop from 2.99 V to 2.90 V. Worth noting is that with one LED on it took about 5 minutes to drop under 2.8 V.

This was tested with CR1220 batteries and not CR1216 because we have not been able to find any good holder for that type of battery. The holder on the prototypes can take CR1216 up to CR1225, but CR1216 has a bad fit an don’t make a very good connection. Currently looking into sourcing better battery holders.


Magnet control switch to indicate firing.


Early prototype


Proto-Light I

A small batch (10 boards) has been produced, currently waiting for them to arrive from the manufacturer. Got two photos of them before shipping, looks good except that wrong wires were used (too thick).


Populated PCB

When they arrive some more code development is needed but then the main part of the prototyping will be done!