Getting started

To start using the Grimlight, simply insert the coin cell battery in the battery holder. The circuit fits perfectly inside your standard Warhammer base but can be placed wherever you find convenient. Use adhesive tape to stick the top of the battery holder to the inside of the miniature base. We suggest you experiment with the lights and how to use them. Take care not to pull too hard on the wiring. They are tougher than they look but can be damaged if treated roughly.

To add diffusion we suggest adding cotton or a drop of glue on top of the light. This also makes it easier to color them the way you prefer. If you want to color the lights be sure to apply a very thin coat of thinned paint such as a wash. Increase the amount of paint gradually until you achieve the desired color. It usually takes a single layer of wash to change the color.

To turn them on and off simply hold the magnets roughly half an inch above the circuit for a second. The sensor is on the side of the circuit so the distance may vary a bit depending on which side you are holding the magnet on. To switch effects on the lights simply keep holding the magnet close for about 10 seconds and you will see the lights changing effect.

To change or remove the battery use the magnets to slide it out. The tip of a pen also works.