Miniature lighting for all shapes

Grimlight are tiny LED-lights for miniatures, model trains, LARP:s and whatever else you can think of.

Earlier solutions have been tailor made for individual models which mean they lack the flexibility to fit all sorts of shapes and sizes, often demanding clumsy battery solutions or a lot of adjustments to the model. We have designed a flexible LED circuit that fits everything from Warhammer miniatures and miniature railroads to FX-lighting in LARP clothes. Our goal has been to make a LED circuit that is:

After a series of prototypes, we now have a working solution that meets all of the above. We call it Grimlight and by winter 2017 we will launch our first Kickstarter. On our website you can follow the development and see how we have used our prototypes to add immersion in our games. Sign up for our newsletter to follow Grimlight development and get information about our upcoming Kickstarter!