Programming guide published and start of shipping!

There were some delay in getting all the Grimlights to Sweden (got them May 17). We have been busy packing and expect to send out to the first backers during this weekend!

In other news, an programming guide has been added in the Guides section, so if you are interested in adding your own lighting effects make sure to check it out!

Also, during production our manufacturer accidently made 4000 Grimlight PCBs non-panelized (what that means is that it not possible to assemble them automatically).

500 PCBs

We haven’t quite figured out how to sell stuff now that the kickstarter is over, but once that is sorted out it will be possible to buy both assembled Grimlights and PCB+battery holder for the DIY feeling. Not sure about the pricing for that DIY kit, but it will be cheaper (per unit) than if you order them yourself from some PCB manufacturer.